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Trasi: Violent waters of the sea across Gangolli, Trasi creating damages. - 6/21/2007

Vinaya Pais, Kundapur for KM

Trasi, June 20:  As usual this year also at the beginning of rainy season itself the sea became violent in the coast Marvanthe, Malpe etc across Udupi district.


The port of Gangolli is completely thrown out of function as the troubled waters of the sea at the confluence of Maravanthe near Kundapur become violent.  The huge amount of sands formed over night by the violent waves of the sea at the entry to the “Jutty” submerged into the water.


The huge pieces of rocks, boulders and tripods of the long embankment were found being sucked by the roaring sea. The arduous task of removing the silt at the confluence had been stopped for the past twenty- five years as a result the movement of country boats is made hazardous.


To add to it the sea- erosion here there along the coast had become a nagging problem to the fishermen and a challenge to the Government of the day.



Editor Adds:


As rainy season starts there will be a common news every where about the sea violet waters, sea erosion, visiting of Politicians to the spot, talk about erection of wall across the sea, distributing the compensations by posing to the media cameras etc, etc. But one who lives in the coastal area only knew the real pain of Sea erosion & they are tolerating it since many years. This became the part of their life as seasonal change. Even it became a habit to our Politicians to visit every year to this   areas affected by sea waters as a scheduled picnic. Government should think seriously to solve this problem for ever. 

Gangolli: Roads turned into ponds even by the moderate rains, a wonder! - 6/20/2007

Vinaya Pais, Kundapur for KM

Gangolli, June 20: - Gangolli is   the commercial hub of Kundapur Taluk since several centuries and one of the Port cities of India also. Gangolli is the main fishing port of India. Gangolli is having very good historic background. As the Gangolli village Panchayath on the eve of it’s becoming a Town Panchayath the recent rain bringing the weaknesses of panchayath out. Gangolli is   the commercial hub of Kundapur Taluk since centuries and having main fishing port also.


Yet the gutters on the main road are been used as municipal dustbins for all purposes. Precautionary measure were not been taken to clean up this gutters at least before staring rain. Now the impact is even the moderate rains in and out of season could choke the poorly maintained gutters due to heavy accumulation of wastes thrown out by the residents of the houses close to the roadside and of garbage dumped by the petty shop owners and merchants.


It was no wonder that small rain creating roan into pond.  The main road & all the subsidiary roads are also filled with dirty waters. Besides the main road being the only vital road leading to the port has to bear the brunt of heavy traffic day in and day out.


The vehicles and the pedestrians have to take grate care while negotiating the road full of ponds and ditches here and there. The contractors not yet begun the work of repairing the road and gutters even through the Government had given its approval.


The sewerages of the panchayath were indifferent to their work and the over flowing dustbins were seen to threaten the public health of the locality. The colossal indifference on the part of the public health authorities seemed to tell the helpless citizens that curing is better than prevention.

Kundapur: Furnitures donated to Koni Jagannath Rao government high school - 6/18/2007

Vinaya Pais, Kundapur for KM

Kundapur, Jun 18: A donation of funiture worth more than 1.5 Lacs been received by Koni Jagannath Rao government high school recently  Presiding over the ceremony of handing over the donated furnitures K Rajaram Hebbar the president of building construction committee, appealed the students to perform well in the examinations to add to the worth to the voluntary donations received by the Institute.

The building grant was rupees 14.5 lac out of which the committee was able to save nearly rupees 3 lac and which was spent for constructing a well, laboratory and for installing a pump set for the supply of water. Students were supplied with free text books and school uniforms on the occasion.

K Narayana Achar welcomed the guest while Praveen Bhandary compered the programme.

Mangalore: Kiran M Nairy of Saligrama Commissioned as Flying Officer in Air Force - 6/18/2007

daijiworldMangalore, Jun 18: Mangalorean Kiran M  has been appointed  as  the Flying Officer  of the Indian Air force . The Passing  out  parade  was  held  on  June 1st   2007  in  AFTC, Jalahalli,  Bangalore.

Born on September 12, 1983 , Kiran is the son of  Late  K  M  Nairy  and  Indira Nairy, both hailing from Saligrama,now  settled  in  Yekkur, Mangalore. 

Late  K  M  Nairy  was   Assistant  Superintendent  in  RMS  Mangalore  and  had  a  dream  of  his son  becoming  a  Gazetted  officer  in  Central  Government , lost  his  life while  in  service.

 Flying  Officer  Kiran  M  with  his  mother  and  sister,  Dr. Rashmi

Kiran,  the  youngest  of  the  two  children  passed  out  his  10th  standard  from  Canara  High School  and  his  Pre  University  from  Canara College, Mangalore.  He  completed  his  Mechanical  Engineering  from  Dr Ambedkar  College  of  Technology, Bangalore  and  did  not  take  up  lucrative  job  offers  from  software industry  ,  participated  in  the  SSC  selection  held  in  Mysore  and  was  one among  the  three  selected.  He  finished  his  first  six  months  training  in  Hyderabad and  continued  his  training  in  AFTC, Bangalore.  Flying  Officer  Kiran  has  got  his  first  posting to Baroda.

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Kolalgiri:St Antonys Orthodox church, Ammunje, Kolalgiri celebrated Feast St. Antony. - 6/15/2007

Prajwal D'sa, Kallianpur for KM

Kolalgiri, June 15: St Antonys Orthodox church, Ammunje, Kolalgiri  celebrated the annual feast of St Antony on 13th June 2007 in the church premises in Ammunje. Rev G.M Scaria from Bramhavar ,  Rev. Fr.  Lawrence Dsouza and Rev. Fr. Paulose From Mangalore were the main celebrants.


Sermon on the life of the great saint was given by Rev. David Crasto. On the same day all the vehicles were blessed. Around 800 people witnessed this great feast.

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